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Linxia County Xiaxing Modern Dairy Farming Co., Ltd is located in Shuangcheng Economic Development Zone, Linxia County. The company covers an area of 100 mu, the legal representative of the enterprise being Mahaibibu, with a registered capital of RMB 15 million yuan, and is a specialized large-scale high-quality dairy cattle and beef cattle farming and breeding base. The company belongs to Gansu Huaan Biotechnology Group, which has strong comprehensive strength in Linxia Prefecture. Since its establishment, it has been successively appraised as a standardized epidemic prevention demonstration unit in Gansus breeding district by Gansus Animal Disease Monitoring Center. In 2007 and 2008, it was designated as a key enterprise for attracting investment by Linxia County Peoples Government. In September, 2008, it was recognized as "the Leading Poverty Relief Enterprise of Gansu Province" by the Poverty Relief Office of Gansu Province In November, 2010, it was determined as "the First Batch Selected Enterprise of Autonomous Prefecture Supplies Emergency Support Mobilization in Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture" by Linxia Prefecture National Economic Mobilization Office.

The companys total investment is RMB 14.5954 million yuan. The investment in fixed assets is RMB 12.0586 million yuan and the investment in working capital is RMB 2.5377 million yuan. It is planned to build five new large cattle houses with a construction area of 8800 square meters, two modern silage ammoniation ponds with a volume of 7776 cubic meters, ten dairy farms with a total of 10000 square meters, two refined feed warehouses with a building area of 840 square meters, one office building, one centralized milking hall and one observation room. There are 5000 square meters of green space, and the cost of equipment purchase and auxiliary facilities is RMB 1.7476 million yuan.

Since the construction of the project started in August, 2006, the company has completed the construction investment of more than RMB 10 million yuan, and has built two large cattle houses, two modern silage ammoniation pools, one modern centralized milking hall, two refined feed warehouses and one office building. It has also purchased a set of foreign advanced fishbone full-pipe aseptic milking equipment, a set of milk storage equipment, five large full-plant corn silage weeding machines, a set of refined feed processing units and other production equipment. By the end of 2010, the infrastructure construction had been completed in full.

After the project is completed, the amount of dairy cows will reach 1000, the beef cattle will reach 2000 and the annual production of milk will be 3000 tons; the annual output of 2000 beef cattle will be RMB 42,5 million and the annual profit will be RMB 4.1589 million. 10,000 tons of whole corn feed will be purchased annually and the farmers direct economic income will be RMB 3 million, which will seek for new economic growth bright spot for the local people. Through standardized dairy cow breeding, 6000 tons of corn straw from 1280 farmers in 33 villages, 6 towns will be purchased and every household could increase income of RMB 450; 240 tons of corn, broad bean and other concentrated feed will be purchased, which will increase income of RMB 578,000 for farmers. It will promote the industrial development of livestock breeding for local people and will provide jobs for 126 urban and rural surplus labor. The annual per-capital income will be RMB 18,000 and the economic benefit and social benefit will be significant.

In line with the people-first principle, the company has strengthened the internal management, that is, focus on the internal management and staff construction from all round and multi layer and achieve benefit from management; in addition, it has been insisting in the operation mode of "company+base+farmers driving breeding aquatics village construction, taking "creating leading enterprises, revitalizing characteristic industry and making the local people rich" as target and realizing risk sharing, mutual benefit". The company now has formed dairy cow and beef cattle breeding industry chain of certain scale, which has laid solid foundation for the companys further development.


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