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Sichuan Dujiangyan Minan Biological Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gansu Huaan Science and Technology Group, was established in November, 2014 in Dujiangyan Economic Development Zone, Sichuan Province. It is a key enterprise of the Dujiangyan Municipal Government in Sichuan Province to attract investment.

The establishment of Minan Biological Products Co., Ltd. in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province is based on abundant yak milk resources in Dujiangyan City and its surrounding areas such as Aba, Ganzi and Shangri-La in Yunnan Province, which is a major measure to implement the strategic layout of raw material origin and production base. At present, RMB 50 million yuan has been invested, 47.55 mu ( 31700 square meters ) of land has been requisitioned in Dujiangyan Economic Development Zone, and the milk casein production line, the lactic acid beverage production line and the emulsifiable concentrate production line meeting the food processing requirements have been built. The construction of civil works such as workshops and office buildings for the first phase of the project has been completed and the equipment installation and commissioning are ongoing. In the year of production, it can produce 1000 tons of fresh milk casein, 50000 tons of lactic acid drinks and 1500 tons of emulsifiable concentrate with an output value of RMB 500 million yuan.

Minan Company’s production line adopted the concept of circular economy at the beginning of its design and developed the formula and technology for producing lactic acid drinks through cooperation between research institutes and enterprises. The production of lactic acid beverage while producing fresh milk casein reduces the cost and various energy consumption in the whole production process of casein, prolongs the industrial chain, increases the variety of products, improves the market competitiveness of enterprises, effectively protects the ecological environment and achieves the goal of turning waste into treasure and comprehensively utilizing resources.



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