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Director Zhuxiaoli of the Intellectual Property Office of Gansu Province visited Hua An Company to o


On April 25, Zhuxiaoli, a member and deputy director of the Party Group of the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department and the director of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, conducted a four-person exchange with Hua 'an Company on intellectual property rights, patent filing, and patent pledge financing. Chief Executive Officer Mayingping and other guests receive and report on work.

Director Mayingping welcomed the arrival of Director Zhu and his party, and briefly introduced the company's basic conditions, and the company's patent declaration, pledge financing, results conversion, production and management, and other achievements. Director Du expressed appreciation for our company's achievements in scientific research mechanisms, technological innovation and intellectual property rights, and pointed out that intellectual property rights are the core productive force and the most advantageous weapon of an enterprise. Enterprises should give full play to the positive role of intellectual property rights such as patents and transformation of achievements. We hope that Hua'an will continue to strengthen its investment in scientific and technological research and development, grasp the direction of industrial development, and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading.







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