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Xu Xinmin, deputy mayor of Nantong City, led a delegation to visit Huaan Company



On October 31, Xu Xinmin, deputy mayor of Nantong City, led an investigation by leaders of Nantong Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Nantong General Chamber of Commerce, Nantong Food and Drug Administration, Nantong Municipal Finance Bureau, and Labor Employment Management Center. The delegation went to Huaan Company to conduct research and investigation.

   The delegation visited the company's products, honor halls and production workshops. The chairman of the group, Ma Zhi'an, gave a detailed introduction to the research team on product performance, technical advantages, enterprise development planning, and business philosophy. The two sides exchanged products and banks. In-depth exchanges on matters such as loans.

    After listening to the introduction, Mayor Xu Xinmin praised Huaan Company for keeping pace with the development of the industry, actively adapting to the situation, actively responding to independent research and innovation, increasing the research and development of new products and new processes, focusing on the introduction and cultivation of scientific and technological talents. The development of the industry has provided more opportunities and more space, and hopes to establish a deep cooperative relationship with Huaan Company.

   Lin Fuzhou Standing Committee, Deputy Governor Liu Fuzhen, Deputy Secretary-General of Linxia State Government Ma Xinghua, Deputy Director of Organization Department of Linxia State Committee, Li Wenjun, Director of State People's Social Security Bureau, and State Finance Bureau, State Education Bureau, State Investment Promotion Bureau, State Food and Drug Administration and Economy Relevant departments and business leaders of the development zone and other enterprises participated in the inspection.


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