Mr. Fernando lugris, Uruguayan ambassador to China, visited Huaan company


Recently, the Uruguayan ambassador to China, Mr. Fernando lugris, and his party made a special trip to inspect the development of high-end dairy industry. On the morning of March 29, they visited Huaan Biological Products Co., Ltd. of Linxia state, accompanied by Tu Jianying, vice governor of Linxia state, and relevant leaders of the state and county. Ma Zhian, chairman of Huaan group, warmly received Ambassador Fernando lugris and his party and extended a warm welcome to the ambassadors visit.

Mr. Ambassador went deep into the casein production workshop of our company. Through detailed communication with Chairman Ma Zhian on product research and development process and market prospect, he fully affirmed our companys product and enterprise development concept, and showed strong interest in the development prospect and wide application field of casein industry. He hoped that both sides would actively explore and deepen practical cooperation in the future There will be more exchanges in the field of products, making solid efforts to continuously enhance and deepen the friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples.

At the end of the visit, we took a group photo with the leaders of the two sides.

  The visit of Uruguayan ambassador to China has played an important and positive role in the dairy cooperation and economic and trade exchanges between the two sides in the future.

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