Fresh Milk Casein

Fresh Milk Casein

Description:Fresh milk grade casein is a pure natural yak milk protein purified by high-tech. It is a high-protein, high-nutritional food raw material. Available range of mesh: 40-110 mesh, 30-60 mesh, 60-90 mesh, 90-110 mesh.

  • Moisture %


  • Protein(dry base) %


  • Fat%


  • Ash content %


  • Viscosity


  • Insoluble matter


  • Charred particles Disc


  • Acidity T°

    45 T°

  • Color

    White or milky white

  • Smell

    Milk or no odor

  • microorganism


  • Total bacteria / g


  • Coliform group cfu/g


  • Yeast cfu / g


  • Mold cfu/g


  • Grape cocci(yeast coagulant) / 0.1 g


  • Thermophiles / g


  • Salmonella / 25g


Other information

Packaging: plastic woven bag or compound kraft paper bag with polyethylene inner film, net weight 25 kg

Storage: Store under cool and dry conditions to prevent mildew and humidity

Transport: Highways, railways

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production under suitable storage conditions

Range of application

Food grade: Various food and drinks, creamer (non-dairy creamer), pharmaceutical industry,casein sodium, CPP, etc. 

Industrial grade: paper tubes, cosmetics, leather industry, paint, pigment, paper industry, casein adhesives, adhesives, safety matches, special cement, etc 

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