Casein Peptide

Casein Peptide

Description:Product description:Casein calcium peptide, abbreviated as CCP, is a highly effective calcium absorption accelerator, which can prevent the precipitation of calcium phosphate in the body and keep calcium ions in the dissolved state, thus improving the calcium absorption rate.

  • Standard technical specification of casein calcium peptide

  • Senses

    White to pale yellow powder

  • Casein phosphate content(in dry basis), W / %

    Compatible with claim

  • Calcium(in dry basis) mg/100g


  • Total nitrogen(in dry basis) W / %


  • Dry reduction w/%


  • Ash w/%


  • Lead(Pb) /(mg/kg)


  • Total colony amount/(CFU/g)


  • Coliform group / (MPN / g)


  • Mold and yeast /(CFU/g)


  • Standard test method for casein calcium peptide

  • Identification

    Colouring test of phosphoric acid-ammo

  • Casein phosphopeptide content (on a dry basis)

    Barium-ethanol precipitation

  • Calcium(in dry basis)

    GB/T 5009.92

  • Total nitrogen (on a dry basis)

    GB 5009.5 Kjeldahl method(not multipli

  • Drying reduction

    GB 5009.3 Direct drying method

  • Ash

    GB 5009.4

Other information

Packaging: 5Kg
Storage: rainproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, rate-proof
Transport: roads, railways
Life cycle: 12 months

Range of application

The casein calcium peptide is a food fortification agent approved by the Food Safety National Standard Standard for the Use of Food Nutrition Reinforcers(GB 14880-2012) and can be used for 06.0 food and food products(except 06.01 and 07.0) and 14.0 beverages(except 14.01). Can also be used for infant formula and baby food

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