Casein Hydrolyzed Peptide

Casein Hydrolyzed Peptide

Description:Casein Hydrolyzed Peptide (also known as Casein hydrolysate peptide or hydrolyzed casein) is a casein hydrolysate

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    Milky white even and meticulous powder

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Other information

 Casein Hydrolyzed Peptidea biologically active polypeptide produced by biotechnology, it is rich in a variety of active peptide components. Which using skim milk as a raw material, A casein hydrolysate obtained by the process of casein separation, hydrolysis, concentration, spray drying, etc., it can be dissolved in water and has no bitterness,when pH at 2-9, it is stable, which is heat stable, and it can be withstand high temperatures of 180 degrees for 50 minutes. It is a kind of protein functional peptide and is a leading product in the field of functional protein processing. The main component is αs1-Cn (f91-100), which is a three-dimensional structural polypeptide containing 10 amino acids.

Range of application

It can be used in various nutrients and health foods, and can effectively promote the absorption and utilization of bivalent mineral nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc.
1.Ordinary food ingredients: widely used in a variety of dairy products (such as liquid milk, aged milk powder, infant formula, milk drinks, cheese products, etc.) biscuits, desserts. Livestock products, etc.
2.Health care raw materials: used to strengthen calcium, iron, zinc or (hypotension, soothe the nerves, etc.) nutritional health products.
3.Sports function foods: such as protein drinks, fruit drinks, instant drinks, physical recovery preparations, etc.
4.Functional pharmaceutical excipients: clinical nutritional solids.
5.Formula for special medical use: Formulated food for special populations (such as the elderly, pregnant women, children, postoperative population, cancer patients, etc.).
6.Regulating immunity: The protein peptide produced by casein hydrolysate has many physiological functions. It not only stimulates the proliferation of lymphocytes in the body, but also improves the body's resistance to infection by external pathogens. Dairy products supplemented with immunologically active peptides play an active role in enhancing the resistance of adolescents and infants.
7.Promote calcium absorption: Hydrolyzed casein peptide rich in casein calcium peptide, casein phosphopeptide and other high concentration negative charge, can resist the hydrolysis of various enzymes in the digestive tract, and can be combined with calcium to form soluble matter Therefore, it can effectively prevent calcium from forming calcium phosphate precipitate in the neutral or alkaline environment of the small intestine, and promote calcium absorption.
8.Improve sleep, calm the nerves: Casein hydrolyzed will produce  active peptides, these peptides have the effect of relieving the spirit and reducing stress, and can also be used to promote sedation and sleep in infants and young children.
9.Intestinal regulation: Casein macropeptide produced by casein hydrolysis has the function of supporting beneficial microorganisms in the intestine. It can promote Bifidobacterium and growth and inhibit Escherichia coli at a very low concentration, significantly reducing the number of Salmonella, and can be used as a probiotic. The additive of the original or newborn formula plays a role similar to breast milk, effectively preventing diarrhea in infants and young children.
10.Regulation of fat metabolism and substance transport: Hydrolysis of casein can increase the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein by peroxidase and promote the digestion and absorption of high-fat foods. In addition, the close contact of the active peptide component with the surface of the intestinal epithelial cells can change the dynamic constant of leucine through the brush border of the small intestine chorion, which can effectively regulate the intestinal material transport and absorption.

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