Casein Hydrolyzed Peptide

Casein Hydrolyzed Peptide

Description:Casein hydrolyzed polypeptide is a bioactive polypeptide prepared by biotechnology. It is a physiologically active peptide substance. It is a component obtained from casein extracted from skimmed milk and hydrolyzed by plant digestive enzymes. Therefore, casein hydrolyzed polypeptide (material) contains the effect of relaxing pressure and sleeping. It is a frontier product in the field of functional protein, which is widely used in various dairy products, nutritional and health products, sports functional foods, functional pharmaceutical excipients and formula foods for special medical purposes. It has multiple effects, such as regulating immunity, promoting calcium absorption, improving sleep and calming nerves, regulating intestinal absorption function, fat metabolism and material transport.

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  • Appearance

    Milky white even and meticulous powder

  • Protein(dry basis)


  • Fat


  • Moisture


  • Ash


  • Lead(Pb)/(mg/kg)


  • Aspergillus flavus


  • Total plate count


  • Coliform


  • Mold&Yeast


  • Pathogenic bacteria(Shigella Castellani、Staphylococcus aureus、 Salmonella)


Other information

 Casein Hydrolyzed Peptidea biologically active polypeptide produced by biotechnology, it is rich in a variety of active peptide components. Which using skim milk as a raw material, A casein hydrolysate obtained by the process of casein separation, hydrolysis, concentration, spray drying, etc., it can be dissolved in water and has no bitterness,when pH at 2-9, it is stable, which is heat stable, and it can be withstand high temperatures of 180 degrees for 50 minutes. It is a kind of protein functional peptide and is a leading product in the field of functional protein processing. The main component is αs1-Cn (f91-100), which is a three-dimensional structural polypeptide containing 10 amino acids.

Package: 5kg / barrel
Storage: rainproof, moisture-proof, insect proof and rat proof
Transportation: Highway and railway
Shelf life: 12 months

Range of application

Casein hydrolyzed peptide contains all essential amino acids in the same proportion as casein, and the main components of dipeptide and tripeptide make it directly absorbed without digestion. Because of its good taste, high solubility, transparent solution, stable under acidic conditions, it is easy to prepare ready to drink beverage, which makes this new functional ingredient have a wide application prospect.
For sports products, it can not only make endurance drinks during sports, but also make products to promote rapid recovery after transportation; Healthy peptide drink for stimulating muscle growth, suitable for obese and overweight people, the elderly, women, overweight growing children and managers.
Food field: functional food and beverage
Functional nutrition: dietary supplement
Special nutrition: healthy slimming, sports nutrition, special diet and infant nutrition

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