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Casein Peptide

Casein Peptide

Description:Product description:Casein phosphopeptides (CPP) is a kind of polypeptide with cluster aminoacyl phosphate obtained from bovine casein by enzymatic hydrolysis, separation and purification and spray drying,which has the remarkable promotion mineral absorption utilization physiology activity, and praised as "mineral carrier".

Other information

Inspecting itemunitCPP1 implementation standardCPP2 implementation standardHigh purity casein phosphopeptidesDebitterize
White or light yellowWhite or light yellowWhite or light yellowWhite or light yellow
Peptide content≥14.0≥21.0≥80.0≥23.0
ash content≤6.0≤6.0≤10≤6.0
Total nitrogenmg/kg≥12≥12≥10.0≥12
Total number of coloniesCFU/g≤3000≤3000≤3000≤3000
Coliform groupMNP/g≤10≤10≤10
Pathogenic bacteriaCFU/gnot be detectednot be detectednot be detectednot be detected

Packaging: 5Kg
Storage: rainproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, rate-proof
Transport: roads, railways
Life cycle: 12 months

Range of application

It can be used in various nutrition and health foods to effectively promote the human body's absorption and utilization of calcium, iron, zinc and other divalent mineral nutrients.

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