Potassium Caseinate

Potassium Caseinate

Description:Potassium caseinate is a milk protein made from casein through acidity regulation, neutralization and drying. Its main function is to clarify wine or grape pulp. At the same time, it has a strong effect on the treatment of discolored and highly oxidized wine. In addition, it can also remove odor in many cases.

  • Indicator standard

  • Sense

    milky white powder, odorless, no speci

  • Ash %


  • Severe solubility


  • Protein(in dry basis)


  • Fat


  • Moisture %


  • potassium


  • lactose


  • PH


  • Total number of bacteria / g

    ≤5000 cfu/g

  • yeast

    ≤50 cfu/g

  • mold

    ≤50 cfu/g

  • escherichia coli

    ≤10 cfu/100g

  • Salmonella

    No detection

  • Staphylococcus aureus

    No detection

Other information

Functional features:
Potassium caseinate has good solubility and emulsifying power. It contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements. It is not only a nutritional supplement and protein source, but also a thickener and emulsion stabilizer. Potassium caseinate can be used as food raw material. It can be used to clarify wine or grape pulp. It can also remove odor, oxidation resistance and so on.

Packaging: "Huaan" brand 25kg pearlescent film woven bag, with polyethylene non-toxic plastic lined packaging bag inside and external composite packaging bag, with a net weight of 25kg
Storage: store in cool and dry conditions to prevent moisture and mildew
Transportation: Highway and railway
Shelf life: two years from the date of production under suitable storage conditions

Range of application

It can be used for wine clarification / filtration, low sodium food, medicine, health products, frozen dairy products, desserts, artificial cheese, etc.

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