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Acid Hydrolyzed Casein

Acid Hydrolyzed Casein

Description:Product Description: Product Performance: This product is a white or light yellow powder made from high quality casein by deep hydrolysis, decolorization, desalination, concentration and spray drying with strong acid. It is easy to absorb moisture, soluble in water and has a sauce flavor ,and is an acidic decomposition of casein , can be decomposed to amino acids. Amino acids are the basis of synthesizing protein and one of the most basic nutrients of human, animal, plant and microorganism. Humans and microorganisms can obtain amino acids indirectly through proteins, but require hydrolysis of gastric acid and enzymes. When proteins are hydrolyzed into amino acid components by hydrochloric acid, pharmaceutical grades can be directly supplied to people as energy supplements, and the reagent grades can be used as microbial culture. In addition to nutrient proteins, there are almost no other nutrients and growth factors, this product can be used as a basic disciplines such as microbiology and genetics of the medium.

  • Type I Product Technical Indicators

  • Total nitrogen content


  • Ash content


  • Amino nitrogen content


  • Moisture %


  • Chloride content


  • pH


  • Type II Product Technical Indicators

  • Total nitrogen content


  • Ash content


  • Chloride content


  • Moisture


  • Chloride content


  • pH


Other information

Product composition:

This product contains 18 representative amino acids: (in milligrams)

Amino acids: 55.7    Isoleucine: 46.9

Threonine: 34.6      Arginine: 35.7

Leucine: 75.6       Tryptophan:<0.5

Aspartic acid: 50.1   lysine: 90.1

Tyrosine: 28.8      Cysteine: 0.2

Methionine: 22.0     Valine: 64.3

Glutamate: 187.5     phenylalanine: 41.3

Proline: 83.5       Glycine: 21.3

Histidine: 28.4      Serine: 24.6

Range of application

Product Usage:

This product is widely used in pharmaceuticals, biological fermentation, animal feed, plant tissue culture, cosmetics, tobacco industry (aroma enhancement), food hygiene inspection and other specialties as well as various types of medium configuration, particularly when configuring various semi-integrated media, this product is the main basic ingredient, such as:semi-integrated pertussis medium, semi-integrated meningococcal medium, polysaccharide body semiintegrated liquid medium, staphylococcus aureus A protein medium, thioglycolate aseptic test medium, anaerobic medium and activated carbon agar medium, etc.,which are all base on the acid hydrolyzed casein.

Storage: The product should be preserved at room temperature in a dry place without light sealing because of its strong water absorption.

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