Description:Pancreatic casein peptone is also known as casein peptone, trypsin digested casein, trypsin hydrolyzed casein, trypsin hydrolyzed casein, trypsin hydrolyzed casein, etc. It is a high quality and high quality medium material, yak casein as raw material, a kind of pale yellow to white dry powder obtained by digestion, decolorization, filtration, concentration and spray drying. It is easily soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is light yellow. It has a special smell of soy sauce.

  • Appearance

    white or light yellow powder.

  • Total nitrogen


  • A- amino nitrogen


  • moisture


  • Nacl


  • ash


  • Solubility (2% solution)

    Completely dissolved, clarified and br

  • PH (2% solution)


  • Burning residue


  • Escherichia coli


  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa

    Green pigment

  • Streptococcus hemolysin

    Yellow pigment

  • Streptococcus hemolysin


Other information

Functional characteristics
This product is the trypsin digest of casein, which can be used in the formula requiring casein trypsin or trypsin digest. Casein is the main protein in milk. It is also a raw material rich in amino nitrogen. The peaks are widely distributed in the range of molecular weight. It can be used not only as a component of culture medium for metabolism or growth research, but also in places with high requirements for the performance and uniformity of culture medium. As a nitrogen source, pancreatic casein peptone is suitable for the culture of microorganisms that prefer peptides rather than free amino acids, high-end fermentation engineering and extracellular secretion expression experiments. Tryptophan is rich in tryptophan. Degradation of tryptophan by Escherichia coli will produce indole with foul smell. Therefore, tryptophan is used in bacterial "indole experiment".

Packing:500g/ bottle /5 kg / barrel.

Range of application

1. Growth of anaerobic bacteria, fungi, pneumococci, Lactobacillus, Corynebacterium and Clostridium, and inspection of bacteria such as water and water emulsion;
2. Suitable for nitrate reduction test;
3. It is used for the culture of protozoa, the detection of bacteriostatic or bactericide, the detection of antibiotics and other antibiotics, and the preparation of culture medium for sterility test. It is the basic raw material for biopharmaceutical fermentation and preparation of various culture media. Its main function is to provide nitrogen source and growth factor. The general dosage is 0.5% ~ 5%;
4. It is used as raw material of culture medium to provide nitrogen source and amino acid required for bacterial growth. It is widely used in the fields of antibiotics, pharmaceutical industry, fermentation industry, biochemical products and microbiological research. It can be used to treat gastrointestinal diseases.

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