Description:Butter is the essence of Tibetan food. It is widely used in Tibetan areas. This product is made from semi-wild and semi-natural yak milk raised above 3000 meters above sea level in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a mixture of edible hydrogenated oil, high-grade refined oil and other oils. It is Solid, semisolid or flowing oil products with good crispy properties processed through oil coordination, cooling and plasticization without rapid cold kneading. Butter,as a kind of fat, is a butter like dairy product that is extracted from milk. Tibetan people most like to eat butter produced by yak. Yak butter is featured with bright yellow color, sweet taste and excellent taste, it is pale yellow in winter. Butter moisturizes the stomach and spleen, contains many vitamins and has a high nutritional value. In Tibetan areas with simpler food structure, they can replenish many aspects of human needs.

Other information

Saturated fat48.9244.5
dietary fiber0g0

Packing: 10 kg / box
Storage: rainproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, rate-proof
Transport: roads, railways
Life cycle: 12 months

Range of application

butter is one of the special oils in the food industry. It has a certain degree of plasticity or consistency, used as cake ingredients, surface spraying or demoulding and other purposes. It can be used to crisp or soften baked food, buter can prevent proteins and carbohydrates in the processing  from becoming  hard and even into lumps, and but can improve the taste.

According to its use and function, it can be divided into making Tibetan bamboo basil, cake and bread, candy processing, cakes, frost and fried butter.

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